Arabic Floor Seating

Arabic Floor Seating

We are producer of Arabic style Shark room furniture

The models of Arab sofa are the most obvious and indispensable pieces of oriental furniture. The Arab living room models, which are frequently preferred in Anatolian culture in the Middle East region in general, are preferred because of the comfort provided by the user. Models of angular shaped sofa designed by Ankalar group Furniture for the new collection will add a different look to your home with colors and different patterns.

Arab living room models are preferred by those who want a more unusual seating group instead of couch models together with normal shapes in living rooms can be produced in the desired dimensions. Arab living room models made in the style of the corner sofa can be produced at the desired height. Whether it is very close to the models of Arabian salons of Anatolia or if desired, it can be prepared at the height of the normal couch as the Arab living room models. The wooden sections at the bottom of some models of cedar sofas can also be designed as drawers.

Models of oriental corners

Oriental corner pattern decoration is a special decoration, room design style reflecting oriental culture. It is usually made up of models of wooden Arab lounges or hard cushions with carpets. Oriental corner patterns prepared for hot discussion environments have a different place in middle east culture. When the eastern corner is decorated, carpets woven by hand or mats are placed. In curtains, patterned fabrics are again preferred. For the oriental corner, which has become very popular in recent years, an authentic decoration is also made on the interior design.

Oriental corner patterns are a style preferred by everyone .. Generally, the highlighted side are the fabrics rather than the wooden part, and near the oriental corner furniture designed with colorful designs is remarkable. In this corner, the team a large part of Anatolia in Turkey and around the world are preferred in the countries of the Middle East.

Arrab sitting room models

Natural wooden charms are generally used in the wooden parts of arab sofa models. The oriental corner cushions are covered with high density sponges and thick fabrics. Although the models of Arab lounges offer a comfortable seat, they have a surprising design. Patterns of Arab living room cushions are used on the surface of the fabric is usually patterned carpet is extremely thick. The oriental corner cushions covered with thick carpets with familiar Turkish motifs have a lasting quality for many years. Ankalar‘s Furniture, manufacture all sofa models in the Arab sofa classic furniture models collection of the new collection can be produced with the color and size options that the user desires according to the size and decoration of the space 

Ankalar group have ability to produce all Arabic style Majlis rooms furniture such as: Cidde Majlees Room, Halep Majlees Room, Tunus Majlees Room, Riyad Majlees Room, Kahire Majlees Room and Morocco Majlees Room.

We can even estimate the costs of custom branding. We will continue to develop our price quote system to include additional equipment and services. We invite you to check out our site for more information, and to purchase Arabic Majlis furniture. We are constantly working to improve our products; however, in case of any doubts or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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