Best Curtains Shop In Dubai: 5 Styles Of Curtains

Are you looking for best curtains shop in Dubai? So, don’t worry! You are at the right place. Ansari Curtains deals in every type of curtains, blinds and drapers.


Best Curtains Shop In Dubai

Curtains are so important part of your home décor. Good quality curtains can increase the good looks of your home, office and make you feel calm and relaxed. You can get the best quality curtains of your choice from us, because we know the importance of curtains.

Benefits of curtains

Besides it decorative purpose, Curtains also provide many other benefits as well.

Some benefits of curtains are mentioned below:

1: Enhance the beauty of your room

You can increase the aesthetics of your home by choosing the right quality, style and texture of curtains.

2: Control sunlight

You can control the light of sun by moving your curtains. Extra light could be irritating and may be a reason of discomfort for you. You can close the curtains completely to stop the entry of light.

3: Maintains your privacy

Windows are good for the ventilation purpose but at the same time they have one disadvantage. Which is they don’t maintain the privacy of house. Installing curtains is the best way to maintain your privacy.

4: Makes you feel calm and relax

Just by having premium quality curtains with aesthetic designs, which increases the beauty of your windows and You feel relaxed.

5: Increases your value

Installing the best premium quality curtains from our company, can increase your value in front of friends, relatives and colleagues.

6: Makes your room look larger

The suitable length of hung curtains can make your room look larger than it is. Hung curtains gives the sense that window is larger and ceiling is higher. This gives the feeling that room is more open and spacious and less confining.


Best Curtains Shop In Dubai

7: Keeps your room temperature normal

You must be thinking that how curtains can maintain room temperature?

I will give you the answer. There are different qualities and texture of curtains which helps to maintain your room temperature. Like, linen curtains keeps your home warm during the winters and cold during the summers.

These were some importance of installing curtains.

Ways of Installing Curtains

There are different ways of installing curtains according to your place. Minimalism, simplicity, less stuffing and more flow is the new trend in curtains installation. Some more trend and designs are discussed here:

1: Single panel curtains

As the name shows, it is installation of single curtain panel. It can be used for small windows. To open and close it, you only need to move a single panel.

2. Double panel curtains

In this type of style, two panels are installed on a single curtain rod. It looks good and elegant

3.Linear curtains

They are more in length and flowy. By installing such type of curtains, you can have a feel of big room.

4. Valance Curtains

This is optional addition to your windows panel.

You can use it either with curtains or with blinds. This will bring flair to your windows.

5. Window scarf

To have such type of curtains style, you need to install a curtain rod then hang curtain scarf on it.

Such type of style can add elegance into your room.

How to take care of curtains?

To make your curtains look new, you should follow some basic tips.

These are:


    • Read the instructions thoroughly before washing

    • Always wash your curtains alone. Don’t add more stuff.

    • After washing, allow the curtains to be dry naturally. Refrain drying in the dryer.

    • To get better results, wash your curtains every three months

Curtains Installation from us:

Now I will explain you what are the importance of installing curtains from us.

Because Ansari Curtains have great knowledge and experience in curtains installation.


    • We will guide you in the selection of curtains which will suit your mood, room and budget.

    • We will help you in the color selection.

    • We will guide you by telling about new and trending designs, which can improves your house aesthetics.

    • Our team will help you in proper installation of curtains.


Ansari Curtains is the best curtains shop in Dubai. We deal in every type and designs of curtains. Our experienced team will guide in curtains installation. We know about new and trending designs of curtains.