Carpet in Dubai

       Wall-Wall Carpet

If wall-to-wall carpet reminds you of the avocado shag you had growing up, then you may think considering it for your home a serious decorating offense. Not so fast. With today’s plethora of carpet colors, patterns, and constructions, you don’t have to settle for a boring solid neutral cut pile or Berber carpet. When deciding on a decorating scheme for your room, we suggest selecting your carpet first. Start with the flooring and you won’t get locked into an unexciting carpet choice as the only option to go with other patterns and colors chosen for the room. As you’ll see in the photos below, designing from the floor up is often the easiest route to a stunning space with minimal effort.


Carpet Tiles

Home and building elements such as wallpaper, windows, and carpet tiles are a big part of what puts together the atmosphere of a space. This also makes it one of the elements that new owners say they most often want to change; It just doesn’t feel like a home without these changes, and it can alter the look and feel of the entire environment to eventually make it yours. Let’s take a look at the benefits of carpet tiles.


             Office carpet

Baseline Carpet tile comes with beautiful design, attractive colours combination with precise lineal definition combined. You may create a unique look to your floor using these affordable carpet tiles. 

It’s suitable for application in indoor offices, home offices, exhibition and reception areas.

These carpet tiles are affordable and makes your area looks bright & modern.

Finally, Its an eco-friendly & green carpet tiles with EKO bitumen backing with non-woven for indoor use.


         Wooden Flooring

Wooden Floor has a significant role when it comes to renovation of the floor surfaces. It gives an elegant look to the property. The final selection of the types varies from person to person. People have different choices and aesthetic sense, according to which they have preferences about flooring.

You could also ask your dealer to bring some of the best samples and then you may place them on the required floors and match them with the interior of the building that whether it sits with the surrounding décor or not.

             Vinyl flooring

We are selling vinly flooring fine quality for Rs.100 per sqft including labor fittings, it is reliable ,durable and easy to clean, it has wooden texture on in just look like a wooden floor, We also do wall papers, wooden flooring , false ceiling in different varieties at a reasonable rate .


           Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring gives any room a regal feel, making it a popular choice for homeowners with properties ranging from country houses to city flats. Installing parquet flooring can be transformational to your living space, creating a timeless aesthetic that is both classic and contemporary.

       Leminetes flooring

With Laminate Wooden Flooring, you get a real sight of stone and wood applied at your cozy and warm interiors. Moreover, this kind of flooring stands against real burns, heat consequences and worst looking scratches.

Laminate Wooden Flooring is very durable and sturdy in nature. It is coated with aluminum oxide so that prevention from any sort of scratches and stains is provided. It comes within a reasonable range so that you don’t have to worry about wasting lots of money over this. Places, where a lot of crowd moves and a busy schedule prevails, should definitely own this type of flooring.

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