Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Roman Blinds

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Installing Roman blinds may be a satisfying project that adds elegance and usefulness to your living area. But, when installing them, everything should be very precise and done cautiously.  Avoid these frequent blunders to ensure that your Roman blinds not only look great but also perform properly.

Failure to Take Accurate Measurements

One of the cardinal mistakes of Roman blind installation is failing to take precise measurements. Precision measurements are essential when dealing with an inside or outside mount.

Take the effort to accurately measure your windows before ordering or cutting cloth. While taking the measurements, consider the protruding window knob or locks. These components often interfere with blind operations.

Concerning Headrail Alignment

The headrail is the backbone of your Roman blinds, and it must be perfectly aligned. One common error is unevenly attaching the headrail, resulting in crooked blinds that not only appear unprofessional but also work badly.

Before fixing the headrail, use a level to confirm that it is exactly straight. This will help you in the long term as the blinds will operate smoothly.

Ignoring Cord Length

Another mistake to avoid is ignoring the length of the cords. Neither too long nor too short chords are recommended. The blinds will be difficult to operate if the cords are too short. Overly lengthy cords, on the other hand, are a safety threat, especially in houses with children or pets.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when measuring and cutting the cords. Install cord cleats to keep extra cord length out of reach, assuring usefulness as well as safety.

Failure to Prepare the Mounting Surface

Skipping the essential mounting surface preparation is a common mistake. Make sure the surface is clean and clear of clutter before installing Roman blinds inside or outside the window frame.

In the case of inside mounts, look for any protruding hardware that could interfere with the blinds. Proper mounting surface preparation lays the groundwork for a secure and sturdy installation.

Neglecting Safety Concerns

Blind cables can cause strangulation, particularly in households with small children. If you ignore them while installing Roman blinds, it can be serious. Choose cordless Roman blinds if possible, or use cord cleats to keep them out of reach.

Additionally, educate family members on the dangers of blind cords and urge safe habits.

Neglecting Professional Help

While installing Roman blinds is a do-it-yourself project, some scenarios may require professional assistance. In case your windows are huge or oddly shaped or you are confused about the installation process, seek help from professionals.

They will easily and quickly install the blinds and manage the problems coming on their way.


A successful Roman blind installation necessitates meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to perfection. You may enjoy the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your Roman blinds for years to come if you avoid these frequent blunders. Your efforts will result in a window treatment that not only improves your living area but also lasts.