Selecting The Right Linen Curtains for Different Rooms In Your Home

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Curtains do much more than just cover windows; they help set the look and feel of a room. When it comes to curtain materials, linen is a classic and versatile choice that suits many styles.

But with so many linen curtain options out there, how do you pick the right ones? This guide will help you choose linen curtains that perfectly complement each room in your home.

The Benefits of Linen Curtains

Before we dive into room specifics, let’s cover why linen makes such a great curtain material:


Linen is a natural fiber that allows airflow, helping rooms feel breezy and comfortable.

Light Filtering

Linen gently filters sunlight to prevent harsh glares but still lets in a warm glow.


Linen holds up well over time without looking worn or faded as quickly as other fabrics.

Easy Maintenance

Linen curtains can be machine washed, simply ironed, or steam treated to remove wrinkles. 

Versatile Styles

From casual to elegant, linen’s structured yet natural look works with many decor styles.

With benefits like these, it’s no wonder linen curtains are such a popular choice for homes everywhere.

Living Room Linen Curtains

The living room is where you’ll likely want to make a big statement with your curtains. Two great linen curtain options:

Sheer linens

These airy curtains soften light beautifully. They’re perfect for an open, breezy living space.

Linen blends

A linen and synthetic blend offers more light control and structure for a polished look.

Look for linen curtains long enough to slightly collect on the floor for an elegant, relaxed vibe.

Bedroom Linen Curtains

In the bedroom, you’ll want curtains that balance style with privacy and light control. Some of the top linen picks include:

Blackout linen curtains

The linen face combines with blackout lining to keep bedrooms dark for better sleep.

Linen curtain/shade combos

Layer linen curtains over blinds or shades for nighttime privacy.

Look for bedroom linens in soothing colors like soft grays, tans, or blues to cultivate a serene feel.

Dining Room Linen Curtains

The dining room is where you can go bold and luxurious with linen curtains. Key options include: 

Textured linen curtains

Fabrics like slub or etched linens with woven patterns add depth and richness.

Colorful linen curtains

Deep jewel tones like emerald, plum, or burnt orange create an elegant, intimate vibe.

Consider adding linen tassels, tiebacks, or valances for an upscale look.

Kid’s Room Linen Curtains

Linen’s low-maintenance elegance makes it great for kid’s rooms too. The top picks include:

Printed linen curtains

Fun patterns, from florals to graphics, make the room youthful and fun.

Casual linen curtains

A relaxed drape and rod pocket style give a breezy, comfortable feel.

Bold colors, from bright colors to kid-friendly neutrals like green or yellow, liven up the space.


From the living room to bedrooms and beyond, linen curtains suit just about any room’s needs. Their natural elegance instantly elevates a room’s look.

But what makes linen curtains really special is their customizability. By choosing different linen weights, colors, patterns, and details, you can craft the ideal ambiance.