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We are a seasoned producer of curtains world and blinds based in Dubai. Custom drapes for the windows and doors of your dream house are our area of expertise. Our team possesses knowledge and abilities. They have the experience and understanding necessary to easily understand your desires. To assist you in finding the house of your dreams, we offer qualified advice. You can choose a gorgeous item to use as a measuring device for curtains.

You can experiment with countless varieties of the finest fabric. We also provide a big selection of blinds.

curtains world

Please feel free to ask for a visit from us. Our experts travel with samples in their possession. You can feel at peace and choose from a remarkable and uncommon selection with our service delivered right to your door.

Our curtains world fixing service in Dubai

Thanks to our more than 30 years of experience in the selling and installation of curtains world, Baniyas Furniture can now proudly claim that we are one of the top curtain-mending Dubai service providers in the UAE.

If you buy curtains from us and hire our handymen to install them, you’ll get a significant discount. To produce curtains that are the precise size you need, we also come to your home for free to measure your windows.

If you require assistance in selecting the best curtain world types or patterns, our interior designer can help you make the greatest choices. Simply visit our website, choose your curtains and other required accessories, and make a reservation for our handymen to provide curtain repair in Dubai. What

Curtain Dry Cleaning


¬†This is one of our most popular services. The curtains are cleaned to the highest standards without the use of any liquid treatments. The cleaning chemicals securely remove dirt and dust from the fabric’s inner core by using specialist dry cleaning solutions. The curtains are now fully clean, odor-free, and ready for use.



Why Professional Curtain Cleaning is needed

Even in an environment that is completely indoors, curtains world eventually become dirty and soiled. The washing machine may cause irreparable shrinking or damage to the curtain fabric.

Additionally, most people don’t have enough space to dry curtains world well, and it takes time to iron them after washing them. If you want to maintain your curtains appearing spotless and new, you need to get professional assistance.

How often should curtains be cleaned?

Depending on exposure, fabric, and color, experts advise deep cleaning your curtains every three to six months. For example, in houses with pets, the curtains world will be dirtier, and stains and dirt marks will be easier to see on lighter-colored textiles. You should vacuum or dust your curtains once a week in between heavy cleanings.

It should be emphasized that thorough curtain cleaning takes a lot of time. One of the best curtain dry cleaning service providers in Dubai, Diva Laundry, can handle your expensive drapes with the required tact and care. By employing our services, you not only avoid having to spend a significant amount of money on new curtains but also save time and work.

Curtains Standard Wash

It makes financial sense to spend a small amount of money on preserving your treasured window coverings to extend their useful lifespan and improve the appearance and indoor air quality of your home if you have invested a sizeable quantity of money in high-quality soft furnishings. Before hiring a curtain cleaning service, be sure it can be inspected and has a long history of satisfied clients.

You shouldn’t give your precious curtains world

to a mysterious third party for cleaning. A color test will be conducted in advance to verify that the curtain world won’t bleed in this situation.

The curtain is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove all of the remaining dirt and dust. Any necessary spot cleaning is done at this time. 

All Kind Of Curtain Cleaning Services In Dubai

As a result of our collective daily duties, they are unable to immediately see cleaning operations. There are several advantages to having blinds and curtains in a home or business. Adding draperies can make a space appear larger, cooler, and darker.

Dry cleaning is required for curtains made of delicate materials like silk, linen, and others. We use vacuum cleaners to get rid of dirt and dust, and we foam-shampoo your curtains to get rid of stains. Find the best curtain cleaning services in Dubai that are also affordable. For a minimum of six months, cleaning must be performed once. Because curtains are one of the most expensive purchases you can make, you should maintain them well. 

How important is curtain cleaning?

Curtains are essential in both residential and commercial spaces. To prevent dust from entering an area through a window or door, a curtain is typically employed. The curtains consequently collect dust. Today, curtains are found in most workplaces, residences, retail locations, movie theatres, apartments, etc.

 We do not doubt that a lot of individuals would like to decorate their homes more on the inside and exterior. Your curtains for the living room, bedroom, balcony, etc., provide beautiful prints, textures, and colors to your home. It needs to be carefully maintained as well.