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Arabic Majlis Sofa & Floor Seating in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman

We offer a wide range of floor seating designs and colors of fabric to choose  and a variety of styles

The common Arabic majlis sofa are available in traditional and cultural designs and color combinations.

The Arabic sofa and the designs can be custom made, depending upon your choice and requirements

Custom Made Outdoor Majlis Seating from AlAfdal in Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and across UAE at best price.

wooden bench, majlis, handmade home and garden wooden bench for Arabic majlis sofas

Everyone wants to have the living room organized in a proper manner so the guest will be comfortable.

What is Arabic Majlis Sofa ?

Arabic Majlis sofa: Everyone wants to have the living room organized in a proper manner so the guest will be comfortable. It is important to think of making everything organized so well in the first place. We use to keep a number of sofas, chairs and other furniture in the living room to make it good and attractive. Arabic Majlis sofa is one of the innovative, different and attractive living room sitting option that you can pick up for the home renovation and update. It is a kind of different but attractive in all manners to help you make your home and living room better.

Comfortable seating

The sofa is more about the floor sitting and most of the people are not comfortable with the idea of floor sitting. It is a common perception that floors sitting are not comfortable. In case of Arabic sofa things are quite change and different. It is not just attractive but comfortable. Sitting on Arabic sofa and standing is quite smooth, in fact while sitting you can have the backrest and arm rest to lean and make yourself comfortable in the posture.

Multiple designs and colors

The Arabic Sofa is not limited to specific designs and colors. Definitely, it has its own style but you can select a number of cover design and colors from a wide range. All these options are available to you rom cultural to traditional and even modern as well. The common Arabic jalsa sofas are available in traditional and cultural designs and color combinations. While in the modern times, you do have the option to pick up the latest design with soft colors and much more.

Ideal for organized floor sitting

The Arabic sofas are also known as the Majlis sofa that makes it easy and simple for you to keep the things organized and managed. Even with a number of guests, you will be able to have everyone seated properly and make them comfortable in the space. These majlis Seating are designed in a way to help you with the ultimate floor sitting management. The sofas can be easily assembled around the wall so you can enough central space to place many other things and make the people seated properly in a nicer manner.

Not only for one reason

People think that Majlis sofa can only be favorable for majlis seating or the specific occasions. It is not like that, you can use these sofas for any reason commonly as per your convenience. Even for your permanent living room settings, you can have the sofa type. It is all your preference, if you like to have floor seating arrangement you can have the sofa set with you. In the majlis seating and many other gatherings, it is one of the finest options as well.

Portable to remove easily

The best thing about this sofa type is its portability. You can assemble the sofa as per requirement and later can remove it as well. It will not occupy the space for long time, in fact, you can utilize the space for multiple events. Call us for best price for Arabic Floor Seating and Arabic majlis sofa in UAE, Arabic Majlis sofa in Dubai, Arabic Majlis Sofa in Sharjah and Ajman.

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